Special Olympics Ontario/London

Meet Our Council!

Our council is a group of volunteers who provide support to all Special Olympics Ontario/London programs.
  1. John Innes
    Community Chair Email: london.chair@specialolympicsontario.ca
  2. Katie Mills
    Secretary Email: london.secretary@specialolympicsontario.ca
  3. David Nyhout
    Vice Chair Email: london.cochair@specialolympicsontario.ca
  4. Gennifer Morris
    Sport Technical Coordinator Email: london.sport@specialolympicsontario.ca
  5. Shannon Ablitt
    Sport Technical Coordinator Email: london.sport2@specialolympicsontario.ca
  6. Tara Klisht
    PR Coordinator Email: london.pr@specialolympicsontario.ca
  7. Armand Marchand
    Volunteer Coordinator Email: london.volunteerco@specialolympicsontario.ca
  8. Suheyl Canli
    Treasurer Email: london.treas@specialolympicsontario.ca
  9. Allison O'Connor
    Transition Coordinator Email: london.transitioncoordinator@specialolympicsontario.ca
  10. Mary-Margaret Dixon
    Health, Wellness and Fitness Email: london.wellness@specialolympicsontario.ca
  11. Bill Mills
    Development Chair Email: billmills@bell.net